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Application for Building Modifications

All Mutuals in Leisure World have by-laws that govern the actions of unit owners and coop members for the benefit of the community. One such requirement is the need to gain the written approval of your Mutual Board of Directors prior to making any significant architectural or structural changes to your dwelling. For this reason, the Application for Building Modifications was created.

If you are ready to make substantial changes/additions to your unit, then you need to follow this procedure:

  1. Your name, address, mutual and building number.
  2. A complete written description of the proposed modification (scope of work).
  3. Name of the contractor who will perform the work.
  4. Contractor's business license and a valid certificate of insurance naming the unit owner, the Mutual and Leisure World Community Corporation as additional insured.
  5. If required, a copy of a County permit.
  6. Signatures from three of your closest neighbors approving your request for exterior work only.
  7. Catalogs and/or manufacturer's data sheets showing major components to be incorporated into the work.

Once all the above information has been gathered, you're Application for Building Modifications is ready to submit to PPD (Physical Properties Department) for review. PPD will review your request and, if your application is complete, make any pre-inspections necessary to provide comments to your Board of Directors.

Finally, your Mutual Board of Directors reviews your application and all the comments and makes a decision to approve, modify or reject your request.


Until your Mutual Board has approved your application, it is premature to sign any contractor's proposal to perform work, purchase any materials for the job, or give any contractor deposit money.


On occasion, the Mutual Board will require that the unit owner or coop member employ the services of PPD as an outside inspector to insure the work is done in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and code requirements.

By following this procedure, we can help to insure that all work is done in a professional manner throughout Leisure World for the benefit of the entire community.


What kind of changes are not “a significant architectural or structural modification"?

The following are examples of changes that are not significant and do not require the submission of the Application for Building Modifications

  • Interior painting; NOTE: Do not paint sprinkler heads.

  • Replacement of existing floor coverings.

  • Replacement of an existing appliance in its original location.

  • Counter top replacements and/or cabinet replacements provided there are not layout changes. If the layout is changed, an Application for Building Modifications is required since it may involve plumbing and electrical modifications.

  • Replacement of an existing storm door of the original color.

  • Landscaping changes made in your foundation planting bed within five feet of the building

What kind of change constitutes “a significant architectural or structural modification"?

Here are some examples of modifications that do require an Application for Building Modifications:

  • Adding/replacing windows and doors.

  • Adding new space with a Florida room or by enclosing an existing patio/balcony/atrium.

  • Converting garage space into living space (adding a bonus room).

  • Installation of fencing, sheds, handrails, or landscaping not in the foundation bed areas.

  • Lighting or electrical modifications (except for “in kind” light fixture replacement by PPD electricians).

  • Plumbing and HVAC modifications.

  • Kitchen renovations involving cabinet layout changes; appliance relocations; electrical circuit changes and/or plumbing relocation.


The above examples are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. If you have any doubt, please submit the Application for Building Modifications.

If you need any further clarification, call the Director of PPD:

Mr. Bill Carr at 301-598-1344.


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