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Code Red - Heat Advisory


Leisure World of Maryland follows the Code Red Days, which are declared by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.  Code Red is placed into effect when the air quality is so poor that it can adversely affect people with heart, breathing ailments and the elderly. In addition, a heat advisory means that a period of hot temperatures is expected.  The combination of hot temperatures and humidity will combine to create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible. When these conditions exist, the operation hours of the Shuttle Bus may be altered.  The Shuttle Bus will be taken out of operation during the hottest hours of the day. Two reasons established for taking the Shuttle Bus out of service.

1. High temperatures can take a tremendous toll on the health of seniors. Health officials recommend that seniors should take extra care by staying inside, remain cool and keep hydrated.  

2. When a Code Red Day is in effect, it is highly suggested that the least amount of vehicles are on the road.  The vehicle’s emission combined with the high temperatures, increase the amount of poor air quality.  By taking the Shuttle Buses off the road, Leisure World is doing its part to help improve the environment.

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