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Emergency Phone Numbers


Police Department
Fire Department
TDD users, call 911 for emergencies.
When dialing 9-1-1, wait until your call is answered and tap TDD bar 5 times.
Fire Emergency TDD   301-782-7619
Medical Center Emergency Only   301-598-1055
Main Gate   301-598-1044
Poison Control Center   1-800-492-2414
PEPCO Emergencies   1-202-872-3432
Washington Gas (Gas Leak Only)   1-703-750-1400
WSSC Emergency   301-206-4002
National Response Center   1-800-424-8802

For reporting pollution, toxic chemical and oil spills:

Call the police , fire department or ambulance service direct (911) . Thereafter, advise the Main Gate of the emergency, your name, address and telephone number. The Main Gate can then guide the responding agency to the address where its services are needed.

Provide the following information when calling emergency:
1. Nature Of the Emergency
2. State, City or Town
3. Street and Street Number
4. Exact Location
5. A Telephone Number
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