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LWMC Approved Snow Shovelers 11-14-16 - Click Here to download



When a snow emergency is announced by Montgomery County authorities, snow emergency restrictions will become effective in Leisure World as well.  Leisure World is private property, encompassing 55 miles of roads and walkways. No assistance is provided by the county or state during a snow emergency.  Snow removal is performed by McFall & Berry Landscape Management, Inc. and overseen by the Leisure World Grounds Department.

When Snow Begins To Fall

The first priority will be to provide continual access for rescue vehicles and automobiles required by residents to obtain emergency medical care, and to ensure all-important access to our Medical Center. The Medical Center will be given top priority at all times.  Snowplows will clear primary access roadways, parking lots, and driveways in the following order:


FIRST: through streets: Rossmoor Boulevard, South and North Leisure World Boulevards, Interlachen Drive, Norbeck Boulevard, Gleneagles Drive, Chiswick Court, Connecticut Avenue, Kelmscot Drive, Hyde Park Drive, Twin Branches Drive, Fitzhugh Lane, Tarkington Lane, Prince Frederick Way, Pine Orchard Drive, and Pennfield Circle.

SECOND: primary access roads: Fiske Drive and Terrace, Edelmar Drive and Terrace, Ludham Drive, Forest Edge and Glade Drives, Vantage Hill Road, Bramblewood Drive and Bassett Lane.

THIRD: Remaining named "Courts," "Squares," "Terraces" and "Ways" that serve a dozen or more units.

FOURTH: Driveways providing access to less than a dozen dwelling units.

Most commonly, our crews use bulk rock salt to treat asphalt roadways and parking areas, and magnesium chloride to treat sidewalk and other concrete surfaces.

When the Snow Stops Falling

Shoveling crews will start clearing entrances and sidewalks at the Clubhouses and Administration Building, if the facilities are open, followed by primary access paths for apartment-style buildings and individual units (primary access means from main entrance to parking lot). In apartment-style buildings, if you do not use the front door as primary access because of a disability, call the Grounds Department at 301-598-1314 to arrange special clearing.  Machine-clearing of perimeter walks and other long stretches of walks will  be done concurrently. Since machine-clearing is much faster, these long walks may be completed before hand-shoveling crews have reached other primary access walks.  Our snow plan calls for completion of all of the foregoing activities within 24 hours after the snow or precipitation has stopped.

Parking Restrictions During the Snow Emergency

Do not park on streets designated as a Snow Emergency Route. These include Rossmoor Boulevard, Leisure World Boulevard, Gleneagles Drive, Chiswick Court, Interlachen Drive, Norbeck Boulevard and Connecticut Avenue.  Do not park in Reserved or Visitors parking spaces in your parking lot.  Your Mutual may have designated these spaces as areas for snow handling.  Residents affected will be contacted by their Mutual to move their vehicles to assigned temporary parking spaces prior to snow removal.  The Director of Security or a Special Police Officer can assist in identifying a resident whose automobile may be obstructing snow removal operations.

Clearing Snowbound Vehicles

It is not part of McFall & Berry's contract to shovel out parked vehicles.  If necessary, call a relative, friend or neighbor to request help. Another option would be to utilize the services of individuals who will do the work for a fee. Security requires anyone wanting to shovel out cars for a fee to register with the Grounds Department. Security requests that you report any individuals who do not have proper I.D. issued by the Leisure World Grounds Department. The Grounds Department does not set shoveling fees, nor is it responsible for any damages that may be incurred.

When You Need Medical Attention

* Call 911 for all medical emergencies.

* Give the Grounds Department at 301-598-1314 a minimum of three hours' notice if you have a medical appointment you are unable to reschedule.  Make sure your medical facility will be open; don't assume that it will be.

* Call the Grounds Department to have your name placed on a snow-clearance priority list if you have an ongoing critical medical requirement such as dialysis, oxygen, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

Some Additional Guidelines

* Call the Main Gate at 301-598-1044 to report stuck vehicles or accidents.

* Call the Grounds Department at 301-598-1314 with your snow clearance inquiries. Due to the high volume of calls and the department's need to be out overseeing snow removal operations, calls will be monitored and prioritized on a regular basis around the clock. Calls will be returned as quickly as possible, according to urgency.

* Now is a good time to stock up on essentials such as food and medicines, and other items such as batteries and reading materials. Be prepared to keep at least one week's supply of essentials on hand during the winter months.

* If you are in doubt about venturing from your residence, it's best not to go out. Also, wait until conditions are safe before putting out trash or newspapers.

Communications During the Emergency

* During a snow emergency, do not call McFall & Berry's office for routine information, complaints, or scheduling issues.

* Calls to the Grounds Department should be limited to problems related to the snow emergency.

* Call the Daily Events Line at 301-598-1313 for up-to-date snow-related information, including trash pick-up, bus scheduling, cancellation of Clubhouse I and II events and activities, and facility closings.

* Check the Leisure World closed-circuit TV system for snow removal updates.

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