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 Leisure World’s main governing body is the Leisure World Community Corporation (LWCC), which was created in 1980 by the Mutuals (the Cooperative and Condominium Housing Associations) to formulate and carry out Community policy.  The LWCC operates through a Board of Directors, composed of representatives appointed by each Mutual.

 The LWCC Board of Directors elects an Executive Committee from among its members, with a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.  The Executive Committee meets once a month, 11 days prior to the Board’s monthly meetings, to facilitate the Board’s work and makes recommendations for action by the Board.

 Leisure World practices a participatory type of governance, a major component of which is the 16 Advisory Committees whose members are nominated by the Mutual Presidents, appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors, and approved by the Board.  The 16 committees meet regularly to discuss and research, form opinions, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.  Residents have the opportunity to attend advisory committee meetings and add their own input.  Upon receiving a recommendation from an advisory committee, the Executive Committee reviews and discusses it and formulates a position, which it communicates to the Board of Directors in the form of a recommendation.  The Board of Directors is responsible for making the final decision, which it refers to management for execution.

 Management (under the umbrella of the Leisure World of Maryland Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LWCC) advises the various committees and provides the necessary resources for them and the Board of Directors to carry out their mandates.  The management company is also responsible for maintaining and managing the property of the Leisure World Trust and for performing maintenance and management functions for the Mutuals under contracts that are negotiated each year.


Our Mission Statement...

Leisure World of Maryland Corporation is committed to providing professional and courteous management services to the residents of the Leisure World Community.

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